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Our premium service was founded on the basis that chatting should be efficient, reliable and to the highest degree. Using native speakers that understand the culture and semantic values of the given language is key in nurturing long lasting relationships with subscribers to monetise frequent and growing sales through individual chatting. 

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Recommended by 100+ customers globally, catering for the top Content Creators.

Our objective is to establish long-term partnerships whilst delivering frequent results. Chatting service is a sale as well as a relations building art, both taking expericne and individual skill to perfect. Our personnel are trained and vetted to deliver this premium service in multiple languages.

Our structure

how it works

Our framework is uniquely structured to deliver a meticulous approach that covers every basis point of the Chatting Service.

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structuring of Client Requests & Processing of Management

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Automated Framework & Compound Earnings

Reclaim your day & make more money. outsource your time consuming tasks to us

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trained and experienced Chatters

Getting a reliable chatting service is one thing. Getting a bilingual chatting service is another ball game altogether. This is why we’re here.

BilingualsDirect takes care of the Chatting so that you can take care of the important things. More time for management means more time to monetise subscribers. 

Gaining subscribers is one thing, the REAL money is made by the strategic upselling of the content. This goes hand-in-hand with nurturing the relationship of the subscribers, as the more invested they are in the conversation(s), the more they will spend. This can only be done with reliable and experienced chatters, with a knowledge of both native and foreign languages.

We extensively train our chatters to save you time and increase your earnings. Our support team is always available, even during unusual times.

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Our select clientele boasts amongst the largest and most successful agencies around the world. 

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